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Israel Technology innovation – In Cabin Tech | Nov 2019

Beyond Mobility preformed a thorough analysis using Deep-technology scouting methodology of over 130 Israeli technologies, startups and research activities which are centered around adding in-cabin sensing capabilities to the vehicle. Out of those, BM have identified interviewed and analyzed 34 companies whose technologies can directly be used to solve the needs of leading OEMs. It is interesting to note that many of these were originally developed for other markets and adjusted to the needs of the automotive market. These potential solutions vary greatly in maturity – on the range from initial concepts or prototypes all the way to commercially available products. View Full November 2019 Newsletter

What’s streaming in Israel’s Energy Storage & Electric Propulsion innovative technologies | Jan 2020

Highlights from Beyond Mobility’s ES & EP market report The development of advanced materials and technologies for electric vehicles was always essential for Israel’s energy independence. The necessity to transition away from internal combustion engines (ICE) and move toward battery and fuel-cell based propulsion for transportation was among the main driving forces behind the establishment of the national program to reduce Israel’s dependence on crude oil - The Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative. Following the establishment of this initiative and through the government-led INREP and TEPS consortiums of academia and industry, the development and industrialization of energy and electric propulsion technologies has been sped up significantly. View full January 2020 Newsletter